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Hobbit fanfic awards

Latest reports coming in regarding ROTK are unanimous in stating that it makes everyone (including Elijah Wood, who should have been prepared) sob convulsively for at least the last hour, and for approximately two days afterward. Therefore it is especially good that we have the tongue-in-cheek Golden Mushroom Awards to cheer us up. These are hosted at shadowfax8's hobbit-based fanfic archive site, West of the Moon, and are open to gen and slash fiction alike, as long as they're hobbitcentric. Some of my favorite categories:

Best Drama Queen
Best Abuse of a Controlled Substance — "Pippin, where DID you get these mushrooms!?"
Most Inappropriate Use of Human/Elf/Dwarf
Best 'Who gave YOU a weapon?' — some hobbits are just not meant to handle pointy things (Please nominate fics where one or more hobbits are injured or manage to injure each other with weaponry intended to be used on the enemy.)
Best Rape of the Elvish Language
Best Vacation from Canon
Best Stress Test on Non-Bedroom Furniture — you're gonna WIPE that table after you're done, right?
Best Chick!Frodo — does Frodo buy his lavender water from Crabtree & Evelyn?
The Tie-Me-Up Tie-Me-Down Award — excellence in light hobbit bondage

(And a few others I daren't copy and paste here. Let's just say the line "Coming, sir!" is now making me grin.)

Go there and nominate your favorite stories, or just enjoy the categories like I'm doing.
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